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Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
. >> president obama and first lady departed washington if south africa joined by george w. bush and his wife laura, and former secretary of state, hick. tomorrow's event is held in the soccer stadium where mandela made the last public appearance at the world cup closing ceremony in 2010. the world literally is coming to south africa. 91 heads of state and government, ten former heads of state, and dozens of other v.i.p.'s will join 90,000 regular south africans eager to pay were ares to the man who healed a nation and changed history. security will be tight. flight restrictions and thousands of police officers will be on duty at the stadium. crowds continue to gather outside his home. strangers hugged, swept up them motion. this woman brought her daughters and granddaughters so they could celebrate the man who brought down apartheid. >> we could have had a revolution. and here we are, now, living happily together, which is a miracle and it is all due to madiba. >> there will an memorial service at the national cathedral on wednesday but at president biden will be the one delivering
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
from around the world released nelson mandela and dismantled apartheid. president obama will travel to south africa to pay his respects to mandela ordered the flags flown at half staff. >> this morning, prince william is remembering mandela as an extraordinary and inspiring man, the duke and duchess were guests at london premiere of "mandela, a long walk to freedom," when they received wore the leader had died. rinse william expressed his sympathies as he live theater with kate and a moment silence was held after the final credits. >> musician richie was the first to tweet about the leader. when mandela made the tour of the united states in 1990 richie actually served we as his fashion stylist and was if charge of updating the look after three decades in prison. in the bay area, many petroleum -- petroleum who had the honor of seeing him in person are remembering the leader. he inspired tens of thousands during an appearance at the oakland coliseum 23 years ago. it was singing and celebration and he was here in june of 1990 a few months after being released from prison. 58,000 peopl
Dec 10, 2013 11:00am PST
-- find it they hope they can have it fixed within two hours. >> in south africa, a grand international tribute for nelson mandela was underway in johannesburg with a joyful crowd dancing in the stadium as president obama honored the legacy. our reporter has more on the celebration for a man who changed the world. >> the world descended on johannesburg to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. tens thousands singing and dancing in a downpour. that is a sign in after a. >> when it rains it means your goals are welcoming you. >> four united states presidents, obama, bush, chip ton -- clinton and carter, joins 94,000 in the soccer. president obama greeted cuban leader raul castro, coming together to honor the man that south africa called madiba. and madiba would give voice to the claims of the oppressed like martin luther king. >> his lifelong fight for freedom is remembered through song. ♪ madiba >> and prayer. >> we beseech you in your great loving kindness, the soul of nelson mandela. >> three of his grandchild took the stage. amen, women, and children side-by-side, dreaming the same d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3